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use v6;
use Test;
plan 40;
=begin pod
Very basic class tests from L<S12/Classes>
=end pod
# L<S12/Classes>
class Foo {}
is Foo.perl, 'Foo', 'Classname.perl produces the class name';
is, '', ' just adds .new';
my $foo =;
ok($foo ~~ Foo, '... smartmatch our $foo to the Foo class');
# note that S12 says that .isa() should be called on metaclasses.
# However, making it an object .isa() means that classes are free to
# override the behaviour without playing with the metamodel via traits
ok($foo.isa(Foo), '.isa(Foo)');
ok($foo.isa(::Foo), '.isa(::Foo)');
#?niecza todo
ok($foo.isa("Foo"), '.isa("Foo")');
ok(!$foo.isa("Bar"), '!.isa("Bar")');
my $foo_clone = $foo.clone();
ok($foo_clone ~~ Foo, '... smartmatch our $foo_clone to the Foo class');
# Definedness of proto-objects and objects.
ok(!Foo.defined, 'proto-objects are undefined');
my Foo $ut1;
ok(!$ut1.defined, 'proto-objects are undefined');
ok(, 'instances of the object are defined');
class Foo::Bar {}
my $foo_bar =;
ok($foo_bar ~~ Foo::Bar, '... smartmatch our $foo_bar to the Foo::Bar class');
ok($foo_bar.isa(Foo::Bar), '.isa(Foo::Bar)');
ok(!$foo_bar.isa(::Foo), '!');
# L<S12/Classes/An isa is just a trait that happens to be another class>
class Bar is Foo {}
ok(Bar ~~ Foo, '... smartmatch our Bar to the Foo class');
my $bar =;
ok($bar ~~ Bar, '... smartmatch our $bar to the Bar class');
ok($bar.isa(Bar), "... .isa(Bar)");
ok($bar ~~ Foo, '... smartmatch our $bar to the Foo class');
ok($bar.isa(Foo), "new Bar .isa(Foo)");
my $bar_clone = $bar.clone();
ok($bar_clone ~~ Bar, '... smartmatch our $bar_clone to the Bar class');
ok($bar_clone.isa(Bar), "... .isa(Bar)");
ok($bar_clone ~~ Foo, '... smartmatch our $bar_clone to the Foo class');
ok($bar_clone.isa(Foo), "... .isa(Foo)");
# Same, but with the "is Foo" declaration inlined
#?rakudo skip 'Calling is will never work with argument types (Foo) RT #125043'
#?niecza skip 'No value for parameter \$expected in Test is'
class Baz { is Foo }
ok(Baz ~~ Foo, '... smartmatch our Baz to the Foo class');
my $baz =;
ok($baz ~~ Baz, '... smartmatch our $baz to the Baz class');
ok($baz.isa(Baz), "... .isa(Baz)");
# test that lcfirst class names and ucfirst method names are allowed
class lowerCase {
method UPPERcase {
return 'works';
is, 'works',
'type distinguishing is not done by case of first letter';
eval_dies_ok 'my $x; $x ~~ NonExistingClassName',
'die on non-existing class names';
# you can declare classes over vivified namespaces, but not over other classes
class One::Two::Three { } # auto-vivifies package One::Two
class One::Two { }
ok(, 'created One::Two after One::Two::Three');
dies_ok { EVAL 'class One::Two { }' }, 'cannot redeclare an existing class';
eval_lives_ok q[BEGIN {class Level1::Level2::Level3 {};}; class Level1::Level2 {};], 'RT #62898';
#?niecza skip "Methods must be used in some kind of package"
class A61354_1 {
EVAL('method x { "OH HAI" }')
is A61354_1.x, "OH HAI", "can just use EVAL to add method to class";
# RT #67784
class class {}
#?niecza todo
isa-ok(, 'class' );
# RT #64686
eval_dies_ok 'class Romeo::Tango {}; Romeo::Juliet.rt64686',
'call to missing method in A::B dies after class A::C defined';
# RT 72286
eval_dies_ok 'class WritableSelf { method f { self = 5 } };',
'self is not writable';
# RT #65022
eval_lives_ok 'class Test1 { class A {};}; class Test2 {class A {};};',
'RT65022 - Nested classes in different classes can have the same name';
# RT #76270
my $x = class Named { };
isa-ok $x, Named, 'named class declaration returns the class object';
# RT #72916
#?niecza todo 'Exception: Unable to resolve method add_method in type ClassHOW'
eval_lives_ok 'Rat.^add_method("lol", method ($what) { say "lol$what" }) ~~ Method',
'add_method returns a Method object';
# RT #72338
my $rt72338;
class x {
multi method y { self.y("void") }
multi method y (Str $arg) { $rt72338 = $arg }
is $rt72338, 'void',
'no need to add a semicolon after closing brace of class definition followed by newline';
is class :: { method foo { 42 }}.foo, 42, "Can call method on class definition without parens";
# vim: ft=perl6
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