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use v6;
use Test;
plan 14;
=begin pod
Tests for lexical classes delcared with 'my class'
=end pod
# L<S12/Classes>
# A few basic tests.
eval_lives_ok 'my class A {}', 'my class parses OK';
eval_lives_ok '{ my class B {} }; { my class B {} }',
'declare classes with the same name in two scopes.';
eval_lives_ok '{ my class B {};; }',
'can instantiate lexical class';
eval_dies_ok '{ my class B {};; };',
'scope is correctly restricted';
my class WeissBier {
has $.name;
method describe() { 'outstanding flavour' }
my $pint = => 'Erdinger');
ok $pint ~~ WeissBier, 'can smart-match against lexical class';
is $, 'Erdinger', 'attribute in lexical class works';
is $pint.describe, 'outstanding flavour', 'method call on lexical class works';
is WeissBier.gist, '(WeissBier)', 'lexical type object stringifies correct';
my class LessThanAmazingWeissBier is WeissBier {
method describe() { 'tastes like sweetcorn' }
ok LessThanAmazingWeissBier ~~ WeissBier, 'inehritance between lexical classes works';
my $ltapint = => 'Baltika 7');
ok $ltapint ~~ LessThanAmazingWeissBier, 'can smart-match class that inherits';
ok $ltapint ~~ WeissBier, 'can smart-match against parent class too';
is $ltapint.describe, 'tastes like sweetcorn', 'can call overridden method';
is $, 'Baltika 7', 'can call inherited method that accesses inherited attribute';
# RT #69316
class Forest {
class Frog {
method speak { "ribbit ribbit" }
has Frog $.frog;
method new() {
my Frog $frog .= new;
is, 'ribbit ribbit',
'can construct objects of inner class in outer constructor';
# vim: ft=perl6
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