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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
# syn r14552
# L<S12/"Open vs Closed Classes"/"a pragma for selecting global semantics of the underlying object-oriented engine">
use oo :closed :final;
class Foo {
method a {'called Foo.a'}
eval-dies-ok('augment class Foo {method b {"called Foo.b"}}}', 'adding to closed class dies');
class Bar is open {
method c {'called Bar.c'}
augment class Bar {
method d {'called Bar.d'}
my $o =;
is($o.c, 'called Bar.c', 'old method is still present');
is($o.d, 'called Bar.d', 'new method is also present');
# S12 gives the example of 'use class :open' as well as 'use oo :closed'
# this seems weird to me.
use class :open;
class Baz {method e {'called Baz.e'}}
augment class Baz {
method f {'called Baz.f'}
my $o =;
is($o.e, 'called Baz.e', 'old method is still present');
is($o.f, 'called Baz.f', 'new method is present as well');
# L<S12/"Open vs Closed Classes"/"or by lexically scoped pragma around the class definition">
# and just when you thought I ran out of generic identifiers
use class :open<Qux>;
class Qux {method g {'called Qux.g'}}
augment class Qux {
method h {'called Qux.i'}
my $o =;
is($o.g, 'called Qux.g', 'old is still present');
is($o.h, 'called Qux.h', 'new method is present as well');
# L<S12/"Open vs Closed Classes"/"declaring individual classes closed or final">
# try a few things that come to mind to make sure it's not lurking
eval-dies-ok('class ClosedAlpha is closed {}', '"is closed" is unimplemented');
eval-dies-ok('class ClosedBeta is final {}', '"is final" is unimplemented');
# vim: ft=perl6
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