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use v6;
use Test;
plan 59;
=begin description
Enum tests from L<S12/Enumerations>
=end description
# L<S12/Enumerations/keys are specified as a parenthesized list>
enum day <Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat>;
is day.gist, '(day)', 'enum itself stringififes';
ok day.WHAT === day, 'enum.WHAT returned a value';
ok day.perl, 'enum.perl returned a value';
#?DOES 12
sub test_stuff($x) {
does-ok $x, day::Tue, "basic enum mixing worked ($x-2)";
is $, 2, "automatically created accessor worked ($x)";
is day::Tue, 2, "enum provided a correct mapping ($x)";
ok $x ~~ day, "smartmatch worked correctly ($x-1)";
ok $x ~~ Tue, "smartmatch worked correctly ($x-2)";
ok $x ~~ day::Tue, "smartmatch worked correctly ($x-3)";
ok $x !~~ Wed, "smartmatch worked correctly ($x-4)";
ok $x.does(Tue), ".does worked correctly ($x-1)";
does-ok $x, day, ".does worked correctly ($x-2)";
ok $x.Tue, ".Tue() worked correctly ($x)";
ok $x.Tue.WHAT === day, '$obj.Tue.WHAT returns the proper type object';
ok $x.Tue.perl, '$obj.Tue.perl returns a true valuee';
#?rakudo skip 'NYI RT #124829'
my $x = 1;
is $x, 1, "basic sanity (1)";
# L<S12/Enumerations/on the right side of a but or does.>
ok $x does day(Tue), "basic enum mixing worked (1-1)";
#?rakudo skip 'does day::Tue RT #124830'
my $x = 3;
is $x, 3, "basic sanity (3)";
ok $x does day::Tue, "basic enum mixing worked (3-1)";
#?rakudo skip 'does &day::("Tue") RT #124831'
my $x = 4;
is $x, 4, "basic sanity (4)";
# L<S12/Enumerations/Mixing in the full enumeration type produces a
# read-write attribute>
ok $x does day, "basic enum mixing worked (4-0)";
ok $ = &day::("Tue"), "basic enum mixing worked (4-1)";
# used to be Rakudo regression, RT #64098
augment class Mu {
method f { 'inMu' };
augment class Bool {
method f { 'inBool' };
is True.f, 'inBool', 'method on short name pick up the one from the enum';
is Bool::True.f, 'inBool', 'method on long name pick up the one from the enum';
ok True.perl ~~/^ 'Bool::True'/, 'True.perl';
ok Bool::True.perl ~~/^ 'Bool::True'/, 'Bool::True.perl';
enum Negation << :isnt<isnt> :arent<arent> :amnot<amnot> :aint<aint> >>;
my Negation $foo;
lives-ok { $foo = Negation::isnt }, 'simple assignment from enum';
is $foo, Negation::isnt, 'assignment from enum works';
# RT #66886
enum RT66886 <b>;
throws-like 'RT66886::c', Exception, 'accessing non-value of enum dies proper-like';
# RT #65658
enum RT65658 <Todo Bug Feature Ticket>;
is RT65658(2), RT65658::Feature, 'can index enum by number';
is RT65658((Todo + 3.2).Int), RT65658::Ticket, 'enum and math and index';
# RT #71196
eval-lives-ok 'enum X is export <A B C>', 'marking enum export does not die';
# RT #101900
#?rakudo todo 'RT #101900'
throws-like 'enum rt_101900 < a b >; class A { }; say A but rt_101900::a',
"Cannot mixin an enum into a class";
# RT #125445
my enum Bar <A B C>;
ok B.can("value"), '.can(...) on an enum';
ok B.^can("value"), '.^can(...) on an enum';
# vim: ft=perl6