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use v6;
use Test;
plan 13;
# L<S12/"FALLBACK methods"/"special name FALLBACK">
class A {
method omg() { 'a method!' }
method FALLBACK($name, |c) { "$name, cannot {c[0]} with {c<meat>}" }
is A.omg, 'a method!', 'FALLBACK does not break normal dispatch';
is'bbq', meat => 'sausage'), 'wtf, cannot bbq with sausage',
'FALLBACK fires on missing method, passing name and args';
class B is A { }
is'bbq', meat => 'BLUTWURST'), 'wtf, cannot bbq with BLUTWURST',
'FALLBACK inherited';
class D {
method in-the-madness() { 'win!' }
class C {
has D $!delegate-stuff-to-me handles *;
method FALLBACK($name, |c) {
'comes last'
my $c =;
is $, 'win!', 'delegation beats FALLBACK';
is $c.the-light, 'comes last', 'FALLBACK catches what delegation does not';
class E {
multi method FALLBACK($name where /^a/) {
'starts with a';
multi method FALLBACK($) {
'not with a';
is E.agenda, 'starts with a', 'Can multi-dispatch on method name (more specific match)';
is E.blerg, 'not with a', 'Can multi-dispatch on method name (fallback)';
class F {
multi method FALLBACK($name, Int) { 'Int' }
multi method FALLBACK($name, Str) { 'Str' }
is F.something(42), 'Int', 'Can multi-dispatch on regular arguments (1)';
is F.something(''), 'Str', 'Can multi-dispatch on regular arguments (2)';
is''), 'Str', 'Can multi-dispatch on regular arguments (also on an instance)';
dies-ok { F.something() }, 'Error when none of the candidates match';
class I {
method CALL-ME { 'invaught' }
method FALLBACK($name, |c) { 'yes, I work' }
my $i =;
is $i.spy, 'yes, I work', 'FALLBACK is effective with a CALL-ME';
is $i(), 'invaught', 'CALL-ME beats FALLBACK';
# vim: ft=perl6