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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
=begin pod
Tests for lexical roles delcared with 'my role'
=end pod
# L<S12/Classes>
# A few basic tests.
eval-lives-ok 'my role R1 {}', 'my role parses OK';
eval-lives-ok '{ my role R2 {} }; { my role R2 {} }',
'declare roles with the same name in two scopes.';
throws-like '{ my class R3 {}; R3; }; R3', X::Undeclared::Symbols,
'scope is correctly restricted';
my role Model {
method catwalk() { 'ooh pretty!' }
is Model.gist, '(Model)', 'lexical role type object stringifies OK';
is Model.catwalk, 'ooh pretty!', 'can pun lexical role';
my class SuperModel does Model {
ok SuperModel ~~ Model, 'lexical role can be composed and smart-matches';
my $sm =;
ok $sm ~~ Model, 'instance smart-matches against lexical role too';
is $sm.catwalk, 'ooh pretty!', 'can call composed method';
# This one was a former Rakudo bug.
my role Drinking { method go-to-bar() { "glug" } }
my role Gymnastics { method go-to-bar() { "ouch" } }
my class DrunkGymnast does Gymnastics does Drinking {
method go-to-bar() { self.Gymnastics::go-to-bar() }
is, "ouch", 'the $obj.RoleName::meth() syntax works on lexical roles';
# vim: ft=perl6
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