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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S32::Containers/"List"/"=item ">
=begin pod
built-in "list" tests
=end pod
plan 6;
my $list_sub = list(1, 2, 3);
isa-ok($list_sub, List, '&list() creates a list assignable to a scalar.');
is($list_sub, (1, 2, 3), 'The &list() function created a list.');
is(+$list_sub, 3, 'Finding the length of the list works as expected.');
#?niecza skip 'Excess arguments to, used 1 of 4 positionals'
my $list_obj =, 5, 6);
isa-ok($list_obj, List, 'Creating a new list object with new works.');
is($list_obj, list(4, 5, 6), 'The list object contains the right values.');
is(+$list_obj, 3, 'Finding the length functions properly.');
# vim: ft=perl6
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