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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S32::Str/Str/"=item split">
plan 29;
=begin description
The tests in split.t are rather inaccessible for new implementations, so
here is a start from scratch that should be easier to run.
=end description
sub split_test(@splitted, @expected, Str $desc) {
subtest {
plan 2;
ok @splitted.elems == @expected.elems,
"split created the correct number of elements for: $desc";
is @splitted.join('|-|'), @expected.join('|-|'),
"values matched for: $desc"
}, $desc;
split_test 'a1b24f'.split(/\d+/), <a b f>, 'Str.split(/regex/)';
split_test split(/\d+/, 'a1b24f'), <a b f>, 'split(/regex/, Str)';
split_test 'a1b'.split(1), <a b>, 'Str.split(Any) (with Str semantics';
split_test 'a1b24f'.split(/\d+/, *), <a b f>, 'Str.split(/regex/) (with * limit)';
split_test split(/\d+/, 'a1b24f', *), <a b f>, 'split(/regex/, Str) (with * limit)';
split_test 'a1b'.split(1, *), <a b>, 'Str.split(Any) (with Str semantics (with * limit)';
split_test 123.split(2), <1 3>, 'Int.split(Int)';
split_test split(2, 123), <1 3>, 'split(Int, Int)';
split_test '1234'.split(/X/), @(<1234>), 'Non-matching regex returns whole string';
split_test '1234'.split('X'), @(<1234>), 'Non-matching string returns whole string';
split_test 'abcb'.split(/b/), ('a', 'c', ''), 'trailing matches leave an empty string';
# Limit tests
#?niecza skip '0 or negative does not return empty list'
split_test 'theXbigXbang'.split(/X/, -1), (), 'Negative limit returns empty List';
split_test @('theXbigXbang'.split(/X/, 0)), (), 'Zero limit returns empty List';
split_test 'ab1cd12ef'.split(/\d+/, 1), @(<ab1cd12ef>), 'Limit of 1 returns a 1 element List (with identical string)';
split_test '102030405'.split(0, 3), <1 2 30405>, 'Split on an Integer with limit parameter works';
'<tag>soup</tag>'.split(/\<\/?.*?\>/, 3),
'Limit of 3 returns 3 element List including empty Strings'
'ab1cd12ef'.split(/\d+/, 10),
<ab cd ef>,
'Limit larger than number of split values doesn\'t return extranuous elements'
#?niecza skip 'niecza has empty value at beginning of list'
'abcdefg'.split('', 3),
<a b cdefg>,
'split into characters respects limit (1)';
# catch possible off-by-one errors
'abc'.split('', 3),
<a b c>,
'split into characters respects limit (2)';
# zero-width assertions shouldn't loop
# with additional spaces
# a b 3 4 d 5 z split on <before \d>
# ^ ^ ^
# => result: 'ab', '3', '4d', '5z'
# (confirmed by perl 5)
split_test 'ab34d5z'.split(/<.before \d>/), <ab 3 4d 5z>, 'split with zero-width assertions';
# As per Larry, ''.split('') is the empty list
#?niecza todo 'returning 2 element list'
ok (''.split('')).elems == 0, q{''.split('') returns empty list};
#?niecza todo 'returning 2 element list'
ok (split('', '')).elems == 0, q{''.split('') returns empty list};
# split with :all should return capture
my @split = 'abc def ghi'.split(/(\s+)/, :all);
ok @split.elems == 5, q{split returns captured delimiter} ;
ok @split[1] eq ' ', q{split captured single space};
ok @split[3] eq ' ', q{split captured multiple spaces};
my @split = split(/\d+/, 'a4b5', :all);
is @split.elems, 5, 'split() with :all and trailing delimiter (count)';
is @split.join('|'), 'a|4|b|5|',
'split(:all) and trailing delimiter (values)';
# RT #112868
my $rt112868 = 'splitting on empty';
ok $rt112868.split('').elems > 0, q<.split('') does something>;
#?rakudo todo 'RT #112868'
is $rt112868.split(''), $rt112868.split(/''/),
q<.split('') does the same thing as .split(/''/) (RT #112868)>;
# vim: ft=perl6
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