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use v6;
use Test;
plan 17;
# L<S32::Str/"Str"/=item uc>
is(uc("Hello World"), "HELLO WORLD", "simple");
is(uc(""), "", "empty string");
is(uc("åäö"), "ÅÄÖ", "some finnish non-ascii chars");
is(uc("äöü"), "ÄÖÜ", "uc of German Umlauts");
is(uc("óòúù"), "ÓÒÚÙ", "accented chars");
is(uc(lc('HELL..')), 'HELL..', "uc/lc test");
$_ = "Hello World";
my $x = .uc;
is $x, "HELLO WORLD", 'uc uses the default $_';
my $x = "Hello World";
is $x.uc, "HELLO WORLD", '$x.uc works';
is "Hello World".uc, "HELLO WORLD", '"Hello World".uc works';
## Bug: GERMAN SHARP S ("ß") should uc() to "SS", but it doesn't
## Compare with: perl -we 'use utf8; print uc "ß"'
# XXX newest Unicode release has an upper-case ß codepoint - please
# clarify if this should be used instead. Commenting the test so far.
# Unicode 5.1.0 SpecialCasing.txt has 00DF -> 0053 0053
# nothing maps to 1E9E, the new "capital sharp s"
# so I think this is right -rhr
#?niecza todo 'German language weirdness'
#?rakudo.moar todo 'case folding of German sharp S, RT #121377'
is(uc("ß"), "SS", "uc() of non-ascii chars may result in two chars");
is("áéíöüóűőú".uc, "ÁÉÍÖÜÓŰŐÚ", ".uc on Hungarian vowels");
is ~(0.uc), ~0, '.uc on Int';
is ~(, ~0, '.tc on Int';
is ~(, ~0, '.lc on Int';
#?DOES 3
role A {
has $.thing = 3;
for <uc lc tc> -> $meth {
my $str = "('Nothing much' but A).$meth eq 'Nothing much'.$meth";
ok EVAL($str), $str;
# vim: ft=perl6
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