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use v6;
use Test;
plan 3;
# A list of pairs seems to be a list of pairs but a list of a
# single pair seems to be a a list of the pair's .key, .value
my @p1 = (1=>'a');
my @p2 = 1=>'a', 1=>'b';
my @p3 = 1=>'a', 42;
sub catWhat (*@a) { [~] map -> $v { WHAT($v).gist }, @a; }
is catWhat(@p1), '(Pair)', 'array of single Pair holds a Pair';
is catWhat(@p2), '(Pair)(Pair)', 'array of Pairs holds Pairs';
is catWhat(@p3), '(Pair)(Int)', 'array of Pair and others holds a Pair';
# vim: ft=perl6