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use v6;
use Test;
=begin pod
This file was originally derived from the perl5 CPAN module Perl6::Rules,
version 0.3 (12 Apr 2004), file t/newline.t.
=end pod
plan 15;
# L<S05/Changed metacharacters/"\n now matches a logical (platform independent) newline">
#?pugs todo
ok("\n" ~~ m/\n/, '\n');
#?pugs todo
ok("\o15\o12" ~~ m/\n/, 'CR/LF');
#?pugs todo
ok("\o12" ~~ m/\n/, 'LF');
#?pugs todo
ok("a\o12" ~~ m/\n/, 'aLF');
#?pugs todo
ok("\o15" ~~ m/\n/, 'CR');
#?pugs todo
ok("\x85" ~~ m/\n/, 'NEL');
#?pugs todo
#?rakudo todo 'Unicode'
ok("\x2028" ~~ m/\n/, 'LINE SEP');
ok(!( "abc" ~~ m/\n/ ), 'not abc');
ok(!( "\n" ~~ m/\N/ ), 'not \n');
ok(!( "\o12" ~~ m/\N/ ), 'not LF');
ok(!( "\o15\o12" ~~ m/\N/ ), 'not CR/LF');
ok(!( "\o15" ~~ m/\N/ ), 'not CR');
ok(!( "\x85" ~~ m/\N/ ), 'not NEL');
#?rakudo todo 'Unicode'
ok(!( "\x2028" ~~ m/\N/ ), 'not LINE SEP');
#?pugs todo
ok("abc" ~~ m/\N/, 'abc');
# vim: ft=perl6
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