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use v6;
use Test;
plan 18;
# L<S29/Context/"=item eval">
=begin pod
Tests for the eval() builtin
=end pod
# eval should evaluate the code in the lexical scope of eval's caller
sub make_eval_closure {
my $a = 5; #OK not used
return sub ($s) {
eval $s
is(make_eval_closure().('$a'), 5, 'eval runs code in the proper lexical scope');
is(eval('5'), 5, 'simple eval works and returns the value');
my $foo = 1234;
is(eval('$foo'), $foo, 'simple eval using variable defined outside');
# traps die?
#?pugs todo
dies_ok {eval('die; 1')}, "eval does not trap die";
#?pugs todo
dies_ok {eval '1 1)'}, "eval throws on syntax error";
#?pugs todo
dies_ok {eval 'use Poison; 1'}, "eval dies on fatal use";
# L<S04/Exception handlers/Perl 6's eval function only evaluates strings, not blocks.>
#?pugs todo
dies_ok({eval {; 42} }, 'block eval is gone');
# RT #63978, eval didn't work in methods
class EvalTester1 {
method e($s) { eval $s };
is EvalTester1.e('5'), 5, 'eval works inside class methods';
is'5'), 5, 'eval works inside instance methods';
my $x = 5;
class EvalTester2 {
method e($s) { eval "$s + \$x" };
is EvalTester2.e('1'), 6,
'eval works inside class methods, with outer lexicals';
is'1'), 6,
'eval works inside instance methods, with outer lexicals';
#?rakudo skip 'eval(Buf)'
#?niecza skip 'Unable to resolve method encode in class Str'
#?pugs skip 'encode'
is eval("'møp'".encode('UTF-8')), 'møp', 'eval(Buf)';
#?rakudo skip 'eval coerce to string'
is eval(88), 88, 'eval of non-string works';
my $number = 2;
#?rakudo skip 'eval coerce to string'
is eval($number), $number, 'eval of non-string variable works';
# RT #77646
my $x = 0;
eval '$x++' for 1..4;
is $x, 4, 'can execute the same eval multiple times, without surrounding block';
# RT 112472
#?niecza todo "No :lang argument yet..."
#?pugs skip 'Cannot cast from VUndef to VCode'
try eval(:lang<rt112472>, '1');
ok "$!" ~~ / 'rt112472' /, 'eval in bogus language mentions the language';
# RT 115344
my $rt115344 = 115344;
#?niecza skip 'method form of eval does not see outer lexicals'
is('$rt115344'.eval, $rt115344, 'method form of eval sees outer lexicals');
# RT #115774
#?niecza skip "int NYI"
my int $a; eval('');
ok(1, "presence of low level types doesn't cause eval error")
# vim: ft=perl6
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