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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S32::IO/IO::File/open>
# L<S32::IO/IO/uri>
# L<S29/IO/connect>
# old: L<S16/"Filehandles, files, and directories"/"connect">
=begin pod
Tests for IO connect() builtin
=end pod
plan 4;
if $*OS eq "browser" {
skip_rest "Programs running in browsers don't have access to regular IO.";
my $skip_var = 'PERL_TESTS_ALLOW_NETWORK';
unless %*ENV{$skip_var} {
skip_rest "Won't test &connect as environment variable \"$skip_var\" is not true.";
my $fh = connect "", 80;
my $nl = chr(13) ~ chr(10);
$fh.print("GET / HTTP/1.0{$nl}Host:{$nl}User-Agent: pugs/connect.t{$nl}Connection: close$nl$nl");
ok index($fh.readline, "HTTP/") > -1, "connect('', 80) works";
dies_ok { connect "localhost", 70000 }, "&connect fails when it can't connect";
skip_rest("waiting on 'use fatal'"); exit;
# no fatal;
lives_ok { connect "localhost", 70000 },
"&connect does not die when it can't connect";
ok !connect("localhost", 70000),
"&connect returns a false value when it can't connect";
# vim: ft=perl6
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