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use v6;
use Test;
plan 28;
# adapted from t/operators/eq.t and t/operators/cond.t
# relational ops are in relational.t
# cmp, leq, <=>, etc. are in comparison.t
#L<S03/Chaining binary precedence>
#L<S03/Comparison semantics>
# string equality & inequality
ok("a" eq "a", "eq true");
ok(!("a" eq "ab"), "eq false");
ok("a" ne "ab", "ne true");
ok(!("a" ne "a"), "ne false");
# potential problem cases
ok("\0" eq "\0", "eq on strings with null chars");
ok(!("\0" eq "\0\0"), "!eq on strings with null chars but different lengths");
ok(!("a" eq "a\0"), "eq doesn't have null-padding semantics");
ok(!("a" eq "a "), "eq doesn't have space-padding semantics");
ok("a" ne "a\0", "ne doesn't have null-padding semantics");
ok("a" ne "a ", "ne doesn't have space-padding semantics");
# string context on undefined values
my $foo;
#?rakudo todo "+Any() doesn't work yet"
ok($foo eq "", "Any eq ''");
ok($foo ne "f", "Any ne 'f'");
my @foo;
#?rakudo todo "Any.Stringy"
ok(@foo[0] eq "", "Array Any eq ''");
ok(@foo[0] ne "f", "Array Any ne 'f'");
# numeric equality & inequality
ok(2 == 2, "== true");
ok(!(2 == 3), "== false");
ok(2 != 3, "!= true");
ok(!(2 != 2), "!= false");
#L<S03/Negated relational operators>
ok(2 !== 3, "!== true");
ok(!(2 !== 2), "!== false");
ok($foo !eq "f", "!eq true undef");
ok("" !eq "f", "!eq true empty string");
#?rakudo todo "undef not coerced properly"
ok(!($foo !eq ""), "!eq false undef and empty string");
ok(!($foo !eq $foo), "!eq false undef twice");
ok(!("" !eq ""), "!eq false empty string twice");
ok(!("xc" !eq "xc"), "!eq false non-empty string twice");
# numeric context on undefined values
ok($foo == 0, "Any == 0");
ok(@foo[0] == 0, "Array Any == 0");
# XXX: need tests for coercion string and numeric coercions
# vim: ft=perl6
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