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use v6;
use Test;
plan 6;
=begin description
Basic C<keys> and C<values> tests for arrays, see S32.
=end description
my @array = <a b c d>;
# L<S32::Containers/"Array"/=item keys>
is(~@array.keys, '0 1 2 3', '@arrays.keys works');
is(~keys(@array), '0 1 2 3', 'keys(@array) works');
is(+@array.keys, +@array, 'we have the same number of keys as elements in the array');
# L<S32::Containers/"Array"/=item values>
is(~@array.values, 'a b c d', '@array.values works');
is(~values(@array), 'a b c d', 'values(@array) works');
is(+@array.values, +@array, 'we have the same number of values as elements in the array');
# vim: ft=perl6
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