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use v6;
use Test;
plan 8;
# L<S05/Syntactic categories/>
augment slang Regex {
token backslash:sym<Y> { YY };
eval_dies_ok '/foo \y/',
'can not compile regex with unknown backslash rule';
eval_lives_ok '/fuu \Y/', 'can compile a regex with new backslash rule';
ok 'YY' ~~ /^\Y$/, 'can use that rule (positive)';
ok 'yX' !~~ /^\Y$/, 'can use that rule (negative)';
eval_dies_ok '/\Y/', 'backslash rules are lexically scoped';
# nothing in the spec says that backslash rules need to be one char
# only, and we have LTM after all
# I feel so evil today... ;-)
augment slang Regex {
token backslash:<moep> { 'Hax' };
eval_lives_ok '/\moep/', 'can compile regex with multi char backslash rule';
ok 'Haxe' ~~ m/^\moep/, '... it matches';
ok 'Haxe' ~~ m/^\moepe$/, '... with correct end of escape sequence';
# vim: ft=perl6
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