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[S32-num/sqrt] Unfudges for sorear/niecza#64

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1 parent 5e7be3e commit 040fce3e0f8eed0eff5f64428a3388a342999d3d @sorear sorear committed Nov 4, 2011
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  1. +0 −3 S32-num/sqrt.t
@@ -22,12 +22,9 @@ is_approx(42.sqrt * sqrt(42), 42, 'got the square root of 42');
is_approx(1/42.sqrt * sqrt(1/42), 1/42, 'got the square root of 1/42');
is_approx(1e2.sqrt, 10, 'got square root of 1e2');
-#?niecza todo
is(sqrt(-1), NaN, 'sqrt(-1) is NaN');
-#?niecza todo
is(sqrt(NaN), NaN, 'sqrt(NaN) is NaN');
is(sqrt(Inf), Inf, 'sqrt(Inf) is Inf');
-#?niecza todo
is(sqrt(-Inf), NaN, 'sqrt(-Inf) is NaN');
is(sqrt(-0.0e0), -0.0e0, 'sqrt preserves sign of Num zero');

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