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Corrections to comments and code in what.t; remove a couple of Rakudo…

… todos. Still needs some more fixing though (both to test and to Rakudo).
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commit 38ff5f7a72e3ae5ab388846dbc589e484f443c21 1 parent 20e88c0
@jnthn jnthn authored
Showing with 3 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +3 −5 S12-methods/what.t
8 S12-methods/what.t
@@ -43,18 +43,16 @@ This test tests the C<WHAT> builtin.
my $o =;
is($o."WHAT"(), 'Bar', '."WHAT" calls the method instead of the macro');
- #?rakudo todo '.WHAT not (easily overridable)'
is($o.WHAT.gist, 'Foo()', '.WHAT still works as intended');
- my $meth = "WHAT";
- #?rakudo skip 'indirect method calls'
+ my $meth = method () { 'Bar' };
is($o.$meth, 'Bar', '.$meth calls the method instead of the macro');
# these used to be Rakudo regressions, RT #62006
# proto as a term
- lives_ok { Match }, 'proto as a term lives';
- lives_ok { +Match }, 'numification of proto lives';
+ lives_ok { Match }, 'type object as a term lives';
+ lives_ok { +Match }, 'numification of type object lives';
isa_ok ("bac" ~~ /a/).WHAT, Match, '.WHAT on a Match works';
is +("bac" ~~ /a/).WHAT.gist, 0, 'numification of .WHAT of a Match works';

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