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don't pick a future unified char as non-unified

The test picked for a non-Unified_Ideograph character the first
character after the CJK area.  Unfortunately, this is precisly where
the Unicode Consortium adds new characters (and in fact did).  Instead,
pick the first character before CJK as a sample non-CJK character.
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1 parent 39214ef commit 4b5c5c9d22833b45f3ef4a94f459d09717a75eed @TimToady TimToady committed
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  1. +5 −5 S05-mass/properties-derived.t
10 S05-mass/properties-derived.t
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ ie letter vs. Letter vs isLetter
Some notes regarding specific unicode codepoints chosen below
(based on Unicode 5.1):
- U+9FC4 : just beyond the CJK Unified Ideographs block
+ U+4DFF : just before the CJK Unified Ideographs block
=end pod
@@ -385,13 +385,13 @@ ok(!( "\x[7896]" ~~ m/^<-:UnifiedIdeograph>$/ ), q{Don't match inverted <Unified
#?rakudo.jvm 3 skip 'icu'
#?rakudo.parrot 3 skip 'icu'
#?niecza 3 todo
-ok(!( "\x[9FC4]" ~~ m/^<:UnifiedIdeograph>$/ ), q{Don't match unrelated <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
+ok(!( "\x[4DFF]" ~~ m/^<:UnifiedIdeograph>$/ ), q{Don't match unrelated <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
#?pugs todo
-ok("\x[9FC4]" ~~ m/^<:!UnifiedIdeograph>$/, q{Match unrelated negated <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
+ok("\x[4DFF]" ~~ m/^<:!UnifiedIdeograph>$/, q{Match unrelated negated <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
#?pugs todo
-ok("\x[9FC4]" ~~ m/^<-:UnifiedIdeograph>$/, q{Match unrelated inverted <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
+ok("\x[4DFF]" ~~ m/^<-:UnifiedIdeograph>$/, q{Match unrelated inverted <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
#?pugs todo
-ok("\x[9FC4]\x[7896]" ~~ m/<:UnifiedIdeograph>/, q{Match unanchored <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
+ok("\x[4DFF]\x[7896]" ~~ m/<:UnifiedIdeograph>/, q{Match unanchored <UnifiedIdeograph>} );
# WhiteSpace

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