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[external-aliasing.t] normal // regexen do not make a lexical scope, …

…so no OUTER needed

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1 parent 1366e44 commit b10805651fa91edf35717c6eb2bf19b95e2b8b11 lwall committed Mar 10, 2010
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ plan 16;
my $x;
our $y;
-ok 'ab cd ef' ~~ m/:s <ident> $OUTER::x=<ident> $OUTER::y=<ident>/,
+ok 'ab cd ef' ~~ m/:s <ident> $x=<ident> $y=<ident>/,
'regex matched';
isa_ok $x, Match, 'stored a match object in outer lexical var';
isa_ok $y, Match, 'stored a match object in outer package var';
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ is $/{.value}).join('|'), 'ab| cd ef', 'right values of .chunks';
my @a;
- ok 'abc' ~~ m/@OUTER::a=(.)+/, 'regex with outer array matches';
+ ok 'abc' ~~ m/@a=(.)+/, 'regex with outer array matches';
is +@a, 3, 'bound the right number of matches';
ok ?(all(@a) ~~ Match), 'All of them are Match objects';
is @a.join('|'), 'a|b|c', 'right values';

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