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refudge for rakudo

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1 parent dc71d4b commit cbac8667d798640098b8c679eaa651e92e959caa @coke coke committed Jan 21, 2014
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6 S32-str/tc.t
@@ -10,14 +10,12 @@ is tc("hello world"), "Hello world", "simple";
is tc(""), "", "empty string";
is tc("üüüü"), "Üüüü", "umlaut";
is tc("óóóó"), "Óóóó", "accented chars";
-#?pugs todo
+#?pugs 2 todo
+#?rakudo 2 todo 'NYI'
is tc('ßß'), 'Ssß', 'sharp s => Ss';
-#?pugs todo
is tc('lj'), 'Lj', 'lj => Lj (in one character)';
is 'abc'.tc, 'Abc', 'method form of title case';
-#?rakudo todo 'leaving the rest alone'
is 'aBcD'.tc, 'ABcD', 'tc only modifies first character';
is "\x1044E\x10427".tc, "\x10426\x10427", 'tc works on codepoints greater than 0xffff';
# vim: ft=perl6

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