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[S32]: Re-fudge some sort tests with latest infix:<cmp> fixes.

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1 parent 50b3dbc commit d9d5118b6c5abe2a5626ab7cb0774115c6323188 @pmichaud pmichaud committed Apr 21, 2012
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@@ -243,12 +243,12 @@ plan 33;
my @sorted;
- #?rakudo todo 'nom regression'
#?niecza todo 'Is this test actually testing for correct behavior?'
lives_ok { @sorted = (, },
'sorting by stringified class instance (name and memory address)';
#?pugs skip '.WHERE'
+ #?rakudo todo 'Huh? What is this test doing?'
ok ([<]{.WHERE})),
'checking sort order by class memory address';

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