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1 parent 3ac110d commit fd42eb1bdd8c08434d6e61d42f42efe98816855e @coke coke committed Dec 12, 2012
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  1. +7 −0 S05-modifier/perl5_0.t
@@ -53,15 +53,19 @@ ok(($str ~~ m:Perl5/http:\/\//), "test the regular expression escape");
# returns the count of matches in scalar
my $vals = "hello world" ~~ m:P5:g/(\w+)/;
+#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
is($vals, 2, 'returned two values in the match');
# return all the strings we matched
my @vals = "hello world" ~~ m:P5:g/(\w+)/;
#?pugs todo
+#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
is(+@vals, 2, 'returned two values in the match');
#?pugs todo
+#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
is(@vals[0], 'hello', 'returned correct first value in the match');
#?pugs todo
+#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
is(@vals[1], 'world', 'returned correct second value in the match');
@@ -88,15 +92,18 @@ so it looks like a pugs-pcre interface bug.
ok(($str ~~ m:Perl5 {http{0,1}}));
my $rule = '\d+';
+ #?rakudo todo 'NYI'
ok('2342' ~~ m:P5/$rule/, 'interpolated rule applied successfully');
my $rule2 = 'he(l)+o';
+ #?rakudo todo 'NYI'
ok('hello' ~~ m:P5/$rule2/, 'interpolated rule applied successfully');
my $rule3 = 'r+';
my $subst = 'z';
my $bar = "barrrr";
$bar ~~ s:P5:g{$rule3}=qq{$subst};
+ #?rakudo todo 'NYI'
is($bar, "baz", 'variable interpolation in substitute regexp works with :g modifier');
my $a = 'a:';

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