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[S17] unspec $*TICK

It's problematic in that it assumes a single global
scheduler. It also seems to punish the many for a
feature only benefiting the few.

There are preferable ways to handle this, perhaps
something like
Supply.interval(:at(now.ceiling), :every(1))
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masak committed Nov 7, 2013
1 parent 0d03b52 commit 0b52065aeee07739a5c26cbc3efb026eda1bf71b
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@@ -631,9 +631,6 @@ $*POSIX is a Supply in which POSIX signals received by the running
process, will appear as C<POSIX::Signal> objects to taps. On
non-POSIX systems, a similar Supply will exist to handle system events.
-The $*TICK Supply generates an L<Instant> object at the top of every
-second for any taps.
=head2 Threads
VM-level threads, which typically correspond to OS-level threads, are exposed

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