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@@ -305,7 +305,7 @@ the resulting C<Promise> is also broken. The excuse is passed along. When the
C<Promise> is kept, it has a C<True> result.
my $calc = start { ... }
- my $timeout = Promise.alarm(10);
+ my $timeout =;
my $timecalc = Promise.anyof($calc, $timeout);
There is also an C<allof> combinator, which creates a C<Promise> that will be
@@ -344,9 +344,9 @@ lifetime. Since C<keep> and C<break> on the C<Promise> itself just delegate
to C<self.vow.keep(...)> or C<self.vow.break(...)>, obtaining the vow
before letting the C<Promise> escape to the outside world is a way to take
ownership of the right to keep or break it. For example, here is how the
-C<Promise.alarm> factory is implemented:
+C<> factory is implemented:
- method alarm(Promise:U: $seconds, :$scheduler = $*SCHEDULER) {
+ method in(Promise:U: $seconds, :$scheduler = $*SCHEDULER) {
my $p =$scheduler);
my $v = $p.vow;
$scheduler.cue: { $v.keep(True) }, :in($seconds);

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