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1 parent 694d6ef commit 177028647da7b945137d181983e61f202be603f0 @diakopter diakopter committed Oct 13, 2011
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@@ -2679,7 +2679,7 @@ a token declaration such as
considers its "longest token" to be just the left square bracket, because
the first thing the C<expr> rule will do is traverse optional whitespace.
As an exception to this, and in order to promote readability, a special
-exception is made for alternations inside rules. If an alteration in a
+exception is made for alternations inside rules. If an alternation in a
rule, or any other context where C<:sigspace> is active, has whitespace
before a group of alternations, then any leading whitespace on the
alternatives is ignored. That is, C<rule { [ a | b ] }> is treated as

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