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spec method form of &make

the sub form just looks up whatever $/ it finds, which makes
it unnecessary hard to work with multiple match objects at once,
for example when doing regex matches in action methods
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1 parent c7c7def commit 3154497284681b416b68b174be028a97fd9c7b67 @moritz moritz committed
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1  S05-regex.pod
@@ -945,6 +945,7 @@ represents the top node of an abstract syntax tree, the abstract object
may be extracted from the C<Match> object by use of the C<.ast> method.
A second call to C<make> overrides any previous call to C<make>.
+C<make> is also available as a method on each match object.
Within a closure, the instantaneous
position within the search is denoted by the C<$¢.pos> method.

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