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moritz committed Jun 4, 2012
1 parent cbf1853 commit 47b29a87f6da24cb77965711439d0a82c86d2e3e
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@@ -788,14 +788,15 @@ Thrown when the parser expects a term, but finds an infix operator.
=head2 X::Pod
role X::Pod { }
Common role for all Pod-related errors.
-=head2 X::Method::NotFound
+=head2 Dispatch errors
+=head3 X::Method::NotFound
Thrown when the user tries to call a method that isn't there, for example
@@ -814,7 +815,7 @@ due to a limit in Rakudo and Parrot.
-=head2 X::Method::InvalidQualifier
+=head3 X::Method::InvalidQualifier
Thrown when a method is call in the form C<$invocant.TheClass::method> if
<$invocant> does not conform to C<TheClass>

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