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beyond 'hyper' we now have 'race'

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@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ Synopsis 2: Bits and Pieces
Created: 10 Aug 2004
- Last Modified: 25 Feb 2012
- Version: 250
+ Last Modified: 29 Feb 2012
+ Version: 251
This document summarizes Apocalypse 2, which covers small-scale
lexical items and typological issues. (These Synopses also contain
@@ -4693,6 +4693,25 @@ the hyper is done. Thinking about Map-Reduce algorithms here...)
This operator is agnostic towards flattening or slicing. It merely changes
the work-ahead policy for the value generator.
+=head2 The C<race> operator
+A further variant of C<hyper> is the C<race> list operator, which
+declares that you want the results so badly that you don't care what
+order they come back in. Within its arguments, the C<race> operator
+forces parallel evaluation of any iterator, hyper, or junction, such
+that if any single thread dies or hangs its computation, it does not
+block any other thread from returning its results to the race list.
+When the demand for the race list drops, hung threads may be killed.
+You can think of it as a C<gather> with a 'C<try take async {...}>'
+on parallel computation. Note that exceptions are trapped by
+default; if your car crashes, you simply do not finish the race.
+If you want notifications of some sort back to the pit crew, you'll
+have to arrange them yourself.
+This operator is agnostic towards flattening or slicing. It merely changes
+the work-ahead policy for the value generator. It is a transitive contextualizer
+insofar as iterators will have to pass on the policy to subiterators.
=head2 Signature checking
Signatures on non-multi subs can be checked at compile time, whereas
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