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[S02] clarify tabstop semantics

in accordance to how most consoles and text editors interpret them.
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@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ Synopsis 2: Bits and Pieces
Created: 10 Aug 2004
- Last Modified: 04 Sep 2012
- Version: 269
+ Last Modified: 25 Nov 2012
+ Version: 270
This document summarizes Apocalypse 2, which covers small-scale
lexical items and typological issues. (These Synopses also contain
@@ -4334,7 +4334,8 @@ delimiter. Leading whitespace equivalent to the indentation of the
delimiter will be removed from all preceding lines. If a line is
deemed to have less whitespace than the terminator, only whitespace
is removed, and a warning may be issued. (Hard tabs will be assumed
-to be C<< ($?TABSTOP // 8) >> spaces, but as long as tabs and spaces are used consistently
+to align to the next multiple of C<< ($?TABSTOP // 8) >> spaces,
+but as long as tabs and spaces are used consistently
that doesn't matter.) A null terminating delimiter terminates on
the next line consisting only of whitespace, but such a terminator
will be assumed to have no indentation. (That is, it's assumed to

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