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Add "questions.txt", a place where spec-related implementation

questions can be asked/answered.
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+This file contains miscellaneous questions about design and
+specification that implementors have come up with that are
+awaiting answers from Larry (TimToady) and/or others.
+Answers are recorded here as well, but are moved into a
+lower section of the file to keep the as-yet unanswered
+questions on top. It's like an absurdly simple ticket system.
+(See for
+a previous incarnation of this file.)
+As yet unanswered questions:
+Q1: (pmichaud) Does numifying or stringifying a type object
+ produce an immediate 'warn' or a Failure? What's the
+ expected result from:
+ my $x;
+ my $y = +$x;
+ say 'alive';
+ say $y;
+ Is the warning generated at the point of assignment to $y
+ or at the point where $y is used?
+Q2: (pmichaud) What's the expectation of how "useless use of '+'
+ in sink context" messages will be generated? Are they
+ generated at compile-time based on a trait of the (proto) sub,
+ or is it something that &infix:<+> would detect and carp
+ about at runtime?

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