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+=head1 Title
+DRAFT: Synopsis 21: Calling Foreign Code
+=head1 Version
+ Author: Tim Nelson <>
+ Maintainer: Larry Wall <>
+ Contributions: Tim Nelson <>
+ Larry Wall <>
+ Date: 27 Feb 2009
+ Last Modified: 27 Feb 2009
+ Version: 1
+The document is a draft.
+If you read the HTML version, it is generated from the pod in the pugs
+repository under /docs/Perl6/Spec/S21-calling-foreign-code.pod so edit it there in
+the SVN repository if you would like to make changes.
+=head1 Overview
+Unfortunately, calling foreign code properly is quite platform dependent. This means that
+parts of the external calling conventions can't be standardised. But the parts that can
+be standardised are specified here.
+=head1 Specification
+The C<use> statement allows an external language to be specified in
+addition to (or instead of) an authority, so that you can use modules
+from other languages. The C<from> adverb also parses any additional
+parts as short-form arguments. For instance:
+ use Whiteness:from<perl5>:name<Acme::Bleach>:ver<1.12>:auth<cpan:DCONWAY>;
+ use Whiteness:from<perl5 Acme::Bleach 1.12 cpan:DCONWAY>; # same thing
+ use libc:from<C>;
+=head1 Other Considerations
+=head2 Linking to common platforms
+XXX We need a discussion of how to link to some of the common platforms
+=head1 Additions
+Please post errors and feedback to perl6-language. If you are making
+a general laundry list, please separate messages by topic.

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