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fossil slice contextualizer -> lol

masak++ and lichtkind++ found a fossil use of the "slice"
contextualizer, which was renamed to "lol" some time ago.
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1 parent f648072 commit 60864d916ad9bb7a7ee1c3da11084246b5ff0c0b @TimToady TimToady committed Nov 20, 2010
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@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@ Synopsis 29: Builtin Functions
Created: 12 Mar 2005
- Last Modified: 24 Feb 2010
- Version: 46
+ Last Modified: 20 Nov 2010
+ Version: 47
The document is a draft.
@@ -357,14 +357,15 @@ Almost a no-op; just makes sure that $item can be iterated.
Forces flat context on its arguments, and returns them.
The heavy work is done by the C<*@> binding.
-=item slice
+=item lol
- our List multi slice ( **@list )
+ our List multi lol ( **@list )
-Forces the argument list to be evaluated in slice context.
-(Slices are considered to be potentially multidimensional in Perl 6.)
-Any C<Parcel> within the list will be transformed into a C<Seq>.
+Forces the argument list to be evaluated in lol ("list of lists") context.
+(Subscripts treat such a list of lists as a multidimensional slice.)
+Any C<Parcel> within the top level of the outer list will be transformed into a C<Seq>.
The work is actually done by the binding to the C<**@> parameter.
+See also the more general C<.tree> method, which defaults to C<lol> semantics.
=item hash

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