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[S32::IO] unconfuse description of &spurt, _edwin++

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1 parent 02ad938 commit 6b2c810188ec6a83518c11f400c65568e8573203 @moritz moritz committed Oct 14, 2012
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@@ -155,16 +155,15 @@ The routine will C<fail> if the file does not exist, or is a directory.
Opens the file for writing, dumps the contents, and closes the file.
-This routine will C<fail> if the file exists, unless the C<:append> flag is
-set, in which case it will instead add the given contents at the end of the
+This routine will C<fail> if the file exists and the C<:createonly> is
+If C<:append> is provided, an existing file will not be clobbered, but the
+string will be appended.
The routine will also C<fail> with the corresponding exception if there was any
other error in opening, writing, or closing.
-If the C<:createonly> flag was passed, C<slurp> fails if the file already
-exists, and refuses to overwrite it.
=item chdir
multi sub chdir(Str:D)

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