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[S32/Str] make .indent not care about empty lines

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1 parent 562cc05 commit 749445a6e7c707915a58eabceb6f6a49c773676e @masak masak committed Dec 1, 2012
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@@ -601,6 +601,10 @@ At most one such warning is issued per C<.indent> call.
If C<$steps> is C<*>, removes just enough indentation to make some line have
zero indentation.
+Empty lines don't participate in re-indenting at all. That is, a line with
+0 characters will still have 0 characters after the call. It also will not
+cause a warning to be issued.
The method will assume hard tabs to be equivalent
to C<< ($?TABSTOP // 8) >> spaces, and will treat any other horizontal
whitespace character as equivalent to one C<chr(32)> space. If the indenting doesn't
@@ -610,7 +614,7 @@ number of spaces before the unindenting of that line.
Decisions on how to indent each line are based solely on characters on
that line. Thus, an C<.indent> call on a multiline string therefore amounts
to C< .lines».indent.join("\n") >, modulo exotic line endings in the
-original string.
+original string, and the proviso about empty lines.

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