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Constants, enums and (our) variables are also exportable (I hope)

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@@ -86,6 +86,15 @@ Exportation is now done by trait declaration on the exportable item:
sub bop is export(:ALL) {...} # :ALL
sub qux is export(:others) {...} # :ALL, :others
+Constants (and enums) are also exportable items. As are variables declared
+in C<our> scoping:
+ our @foo is export = <foo bar>
+ our %bar is export = <foo bar>
+ our $baz is export = "foobar"
+ constant $FOO is export = "foobar"
+ enum FooBar is export (:baz(1))
Every C<UNIT> gets a lexically scoped C<EXPORT> package automatically.
Declarations marked as C<is export> are bound into it, with their tagsets
as inner package names. For example, the C<sub bar> above will bind as

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