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[S32::IO] Add starting definition of &glob

Most likely needs quite a bit of improvement by others; this is just a
first stab at things.
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@@ -109,7 +109,60 @@ L<X::IO::Dir|S32::Exception/X::IO::Dir> failure.
=item glob
-TODO: fileglobs
+ multi glob(Str $pattern --> Array[Str])
+Accepts a pattern that will then be expanded into a array of filenames (the
+creation of C<IO> objects from this list is left to the user).
+The default C<glob> function operates on POSIX rules, which may be read in more
+detail in the glob(7) manpage, however an overview is presented below.
+The C<glob> function understands a few metacharacters:
+ \ Escape metacharacter
+ ~ Home directory
+ ? Match exactly one character
+ * Match zero or more characters
+ [ Start of character class (ends with ])
+Note that this is not a regex-like syntax, so the C<?> and C<*> are not
+ glob("foo?"); # roughly equivalent to /^ foo. $/, NOT /^ foo? $/
+ glob("*bar"); # valid syntax; roughly equivalent to /^ .* bar $/
+The character class construct C<[...]> matches all characters specified. It has
+a few metacharacters of its own:
+ glob("[]]"); # matches the ] character
+ glob("[!abc]"); # matches all but 'a', 'b', or 'c' (negation)
+ glob("[a-z]"); # matches all lowercase letters from a to z (range)
+ glob("[a-]"); # matches 'a' and '-'
+ glob("[[:xdigit:]]"); # matches hexadecimal digit (named character class)
+Ranges matches all the characters that fall between and the startpoint and
+endpoint, inclusively. Note that the C</> character can never be matched by a
+range. If contained within the a range (such as C<[--0]>), the C</> is
+skipped. If explicitly specified as the start- or endpoint, it's considered a
+syntax error.
+ glob("[--0]"); # matches '-', '.', or '0' (skips '/')
+ glob("[a/b]"); # matches 'a', '/', or 'b'
+ glob("[/-0]"); # syntax error
+There are some notable departures from POSIX in terms of what the Perl 6
+C<&glob> function allows with character classes. Namely, neither the C<[[.ch.]]>
+nor C<[[=ch=]]> forms are supported, and the C<[^...]> form is not undefined,
+but rather matches the C<^> character among other things.
+Glob metacharacters that must be escaped outside character classes aren't
+ glob('\[\*\?\~'); # Matches the filename "[*?~"
+ glob("[[*?~]"); # Matches the filenames "[", "*", "?", and "~"
+Unlike Perl 5, no special attention is given to the interpolation rules of
+strings, particularly braces.
=item note

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