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Add some spec for "is DEPRECATED"

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@@ -4956,4 +4956,15 @@ The STD::Regex grammar also adds these:
mod_internal:sym<P5> m:/ ... :P5 ... /
quantifier:sym<*> /.*/
+=head1 Deprecations
+A language that doesn't evolve, is a dead language. Constructs that
+seem like a good idea now, may turn out not to be such a good idea in the
+future. Such constructs will thus need to be deprecated. To mark a construct
+as being deprecated, one can add the "is DEPRECATED($alternative)" trait to
+a class, an attribute, or a sub / method. During execution, this will cause
+the caller sites to be recorded without any warnings. When execution finishes,
+a report should be printed to STDERR stating which deprecated features where
+called where.
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