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[S32/Containers] spec :as for uniq/squish

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23 S32-setting-library/Containers.pod
@@ -449,9 +449,9 @@ C<is canonicalized(&lc)>.)
=item uniq
- multi method uniq(List:D: --> List:D)
+ multi method uniq(List:D: --> List:D, :&as)
- multi sub uniq(*@values --> List:D)
+ multi sub uniq(*@values --> List:D, :&as)
Returns a list of unique values from the invocant/argument list, such
that only the first occurrence of each duplicated value remains in the
@@ -465,11 +465,23 @@ duplicates are removed.
(Use C<squish> instead if you know the input is sorted such that identical
objects are adjacent.)
+The optional C<:as> parameter allows you to normalize/canonicalize the elements
+before uniq-ing. The values are transformed for the purposes of comparison, but
+it's still the original values that make it to the result list:
+ say <a A B b c b C>.uniq(:as(&lc)) # a B c
+This makes it possible to effectively compare with other comparison operators,
+too. For example, if you want to compare with C< infix:<==> > semantics, this
+might work for you:
+ say +uniq [100, 100e0, 200/2], :as(*.Num) # 1
=item squish
- multi method squish(List:D: --> List:D)
+ multi method squish(List:D: --> List:D, :&as)
- multi sub squish(*@values --> List:D)
+ multi sub squish(*@values --> List:D, :&as)
Returns a list of values from the invocant/argument list where runs
of more than one value are replaced with only the first instance.
@@ -482,6 +494,9 @@ are removed.
say <a a b b b c c>.squish # a b c
say <a b b c c b a>.squish # a b c b a
+The optional C< :as > parameter, just like with C< uniq >, allows values to be
+temporarily transformed before comparison.
=item min
multi method min( @values: *&by --> Any )

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