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[S02] Get rid of Polymorphic Types

The idea was novel, but sadly it introduces a terrible set of
consequences. Additionally, no-one ever implemented it, and it's never
been really necessary.

Also, the pipe character was already in use in other ways. That's just
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@@ -1822,33 +1822,6 @@ allowed as a synonym):
my sub get_book ($key) of Hash of Array of Recipe {...}
my sub get_book ($key) returns Hash of Array of Recipe {...}
-=head2 Polymorphic types (Conjectural)
-Anywhere you can use a single type you can use a set of types, for convenience
-specifiable as if it were an "or" junction:
- my Int|Str $error = $val; # can assign if $val~~Int or $val~~Str
-Fancier type constraints may be expressed through a subtype:
- subset Shinola of Any where {.does(DessertWax) and .does(FloorTopping)};
- if $shimmer ~~ Shinola {...} # $shimmer must do both interfaces
-Since the terms in a parameter could be viewed as a set of
-constraints that are implicitly "anded" together (the variable itself
-supplies type constraints, and C<where> clauses or tree matching just
-add more constraints), we relax this to allow juxtaposition of
-types to act like an "and" junction:
- # Anything assigned to the variable $mitsy must conform
- # to the type Fish and either the Squirrel or Dog type...
- my Squirrel|Dog Fish $mitsy = new Fish but { Bool.pick ?? .does Squirrel
- !! .does Dog };
-[Note: the above is a slight lie, insofar as parameters are currently
-restricted for 6.0.0 to having only a single main type for the
-formal variable until we understand MMD a bit better.]
=head2 Parameter types
Parameters may be given types, just like any other variable:

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