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1 parent 2bffe34 commit d9a16d0fc47b2c79973d594468502e99e3d5967a @coke coke committed Jan 9, 2012
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2 S02-bits.pod
@@ -2940,7 +2940,7 @@ changes at the end of the current dynamic scope.
You may also use C<< OUTER::<$*foo> >> to mean you want to start the
search in your outer lexical scope, but this will succeed only if
-that outer lexical scope also happens to be be one of your current
+that outer lexical scope also happens to be one of your current
I<dynamic> scopes. That is, the same search is done as with the bare
C<$*foo>, but any "hits" are ignored until we've got to the C<OUTER>
scope in our traversal.
2 S12-objects.pod
@@ -1046,7 +1046,7 @@ can function as such a governing declaration.)
For method declarations, the C<proto>, C<multi>, and C<only>
declarations work similarly but not identically. The explicit
-declarations work the same, except that calculation of of governance
+declarations work the same, except that calculation of governance
and candidate sets proceeds via the inheritance tree rather than via
lexical scoping. The other difference is that a proto method of a
given short name forcing all unmarked method declarations to assume

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