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Add :chop adverb to quoting adverbs

The idea being that in combination with :to, a .chop could be done at compile
time already if there is no interpolation happening at the end of the result.
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commit e27f00820a161214c65797979312ba0a7e1813d4 1 parent fb6536e
lizmat authored October 31, 2013

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  1. 1  S02-bits.pod
1  S02-bits.pod
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@@ -3852,6 +3852,7 @@ Generalized quotes may now take adverbs:
3852 3852
                 :trans          Parse as transliteration
3853 3853
                 :code           Quasiquoting
3854 3854
     :p          :path           Return a Path object (see S16 for more options)
+                :chop           .chop result, usually with :to
3855 3856
3856 3857
 You may omit the first colon by joining an initial C<Q>, C<q>, or C<qq> with
3857 3858
 a single short form adverb, which produces forms like:

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