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[S32/Str] mention trim-leading and trim-trailing

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commit eb7089a2889b0026fa77b3eee6bb4db453b4edbb 1 parent 1d76a26
@masak masak authored
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  1. +6 −0 S32-setting-library/Str.pod
6 S32-setting-library/Str.pod
@@ -552,9 +552,15 @@ string variable:
=item trim
multi method trim() is export;
+ multi method trim-leading() is export;
+ multi method trim-trailing() is export;
Returns a copy of the string, with leading and trailing whitespace removed.
+The variants C<trim-leading> and C<trim-trailing> also return a copy of the
+string, but with whitespace removed only at their respective end of the
=item unpack
=item match
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