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[S03] remove fossil from back when we had want()

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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Synopsis 3: Perl 6 Operators
Created: 8 Mar 2004
Last Modified: 9 Apr 2012
- Version: 248
+ Version: 249
=head1 Overview
@@ -3175,23 +3175,6 @@ it must still take a single positional parameter (though any number of
named parameters are allowed, which can be bound to adverbs).
All other subs with arguments parse as list operators.
-=item *
-The C<&&> and C<||> operators are smarter about list context
-and return C<()> on failure in list context rather than C<Bool::False>.
-The operators still short-circuit, but if either operator would return
-a false value, it is converted to the null list in list context so
-that the false results are self-deleting. (If this self-deleting
-behavior is not desired, put the expression into item context rather
-than list context.) This self-deletion is a behavior of the operators
-themselves, not a general property of boolean values in list context, so
-either of:
- @foo = so($a||$b);
- @foo = not($a||$b);
-is guaranteed to insert exactly one boolean value into C<@foo>.
=head1 Junctive operators

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