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S02, S05, S29, and S32 disagree on whether &ucfirst exists #15

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Carl Mäsak Patrick R. Michaud Larry Wall
Carl Mäsak
masak commented
spec$ ack ucfirst
4027:Use curlies with the appropriate function instead: C<"{ucfirst $word}">.

791:ucfirst, unpack

254:    ucfirst(lc())

116:Note, there is no longer any C<ucfirst> function because its semantics are not useful under Unicode.

So three references to the function as if it still exists, and one that says that it doesn't. Fixing this issue means resolving the inconsistency.

It should be added that the vibes in #perl6 were less than pleased about &ucfirst having gone away for the reasons specified:

<moritz> masak: S32 is the newer one
<masak> yes.
<masak> that said, I think &titlecase is a poor substitute for &ucfirst, and I don't understand what's so useless about &ucfirst.
<masak> but the spec specs and I oblige.
<moritz> but I don't buy the "not useful under Unicode semantics" either
<moritz> there are still many, many cases where even an ASCII-Only ucfirst can be useful
<moritz> even if it's just for compatibility with all the other "legacy" systems out there :-)
<jnthn> This feels like a pragmatism fail at first glance. :/
* moritz hopes we can change TimToady's mind
<masak> but I'm still submitting that rakudobug, because that's what the spec says right now.
<moritz> please also submit a specbug
<masak> ok.
<masak> submitting bugs, now that I can do ;)
Patrick R. Michaud

When this issue is nearing resolution...

  1. Please update the spectests accordingly
  2. Add a note to so we can close it out for Rakudo.


Larry Wall TimToady closed this in c939721
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