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Interaction of :pos with :g (and :ov and :ex) in match #16

pmichaud opened this Issue July 07, 2012 · 3 comments

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Patrick R. Michaud Larry Wall
Patrick R. Michaud

What should be the result of the following...?

say 'abcd'.match( /./, :pos(1), :global);

Should it:
1. return only the one match that is anchored at position 1,
2. return all matches, anchoring only the first one, or
3. return the match anchored at position 1, and all subsequent matches anchored to the previous match?

Similar considerations may hold for the :nth and :x modifiers.



Larry Wall

The only effect of :pos is to set the starting position. :pos(0) is a no-op, in other words.

Patrick R. Michaud

So, just to confirm: when :global, :overlap, :nth, or :x are set, then :pos($n) acts exactly like :c($n) would?


Larry Wall

Sorry, was confusing :p with :c due to either illness or stupidity (or both). :p will anchor, so only :ex has any effect (return all anchored variations). All other modifiers should fail with :p, pointing toward use of :c instead.

Larry Wall TimToady closed this issue from a commit July 28, 2012
Larry Wall :p is incompatible with scanners
:p may not be used with :ex, :ov, :g, :nth, or :x modifiers.
fixes #16
Larry Wall TimToady closed this in 76c977a July 28, 2012
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