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Specify handling of named parameters for junction ordering #32

timo opened this Issue Mar 11, 2013 · 1 comment

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timo commented Mar 11, 2013

In the specs it says, that the leftmost 'all' or 'none' junction will be autothreaded before the first 'one' or 'any' junction. There is no word on named parameters. Will the "leftmost"ness be determined by the caller?

foo(:var_a(1&2), :var_b("foo"&"bar"));
foo(:var_b("foo"&"bar"), :var_a(1&2));

Will those result in different expansions?

Perl 6 member
timo commented Mar 17, 2013

Apparently Rakudo can't tell if a named parameter was put before a positional parameter. So I see two possibilities:

  • Teach rakudo about the order of nameds between positionals
  • Add a little paragraph to the specs saying that the positional args will always be autothreaded before the positionals.
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