Need clarification/confirmation of Nil handling in ?-quantifiers #35

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Just wanting to make sure we cover the bases on ?-quantifiers...

Consider an expression like:

'1a2b345e' ~~ / [ (\d) (<[a..z]>)? ]+ /

Clearly $0 and $1 will both be lists of Match objects because of the indirect + quantifier, and $0 will have five elements.

Will $1 end up with three elements (the Match objects for 'a', 'b', and 'e'),
five elements (Match for 'a', Match for 'b', Nil, Nil, and Match for 'e'),
or some other result?



Match, Match, Nil, Nil, Match is the best, seems to me. Also note that Nil is not supposed to turn into () in list context anymore, so @$0 Z @$1 should stay in sync.

FROGGS commented Apr 30, 2013

If you have something like:

'1a-2b-3-4-5e' ~~ / [ (\d) (<[a..z]>)? ]+ % '-' /

It would be hard to loop over $0 and $1 at the same time if $1 had not the same number of elements...

So, +1 for Nil

@timo timo closed this Dec 26, 2013
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