Clarify when prefix<::> can be used as in-place predeclarator #10

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skids commented Jan 10, 2012

skids hrm.
rakudo: class A { multi method foo(::B $b) { say "Surprise! ::B is an en-passant type capture"; } }; class B { }; my B $b .= new(); my A $a .= new(); $$b); $;
p6eval rakudo 38165a: OUTPUT«Surprise! ::B is an en-passant type capture␤Surprise! ::B is an en-passant type capture␤»
PerlJam skids: why is that a surprise exactly?
skids It's a surprise to anyone who thought they were using ::B to use a class before it was declared.
(which is something they will probably learn well before learning what an en-passant type capture is)
jnthn skids: The rule is that ::B only works for talking about as yet undeclared types in non-declarative scenarios. A signature is declarative.

@xfix xfix merged commit fc0e3bd into perl6:master Dec 1, 2012
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