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Work around a documented FindBin bug

This allows the build to find boot/STD.pmc correctly even if there is an
installed viv.
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sorear committed Oct 21, 2010
1 parent ca5feb3 commit a194beb7ed2b855efc09c9b9a266b8ca66d132cf
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@@ -31,20 +31,20 @@ clean:
# */syml/CORE.syml indicates that the corresponding compiler is "usable"
boot/syml/CORE.syml: $(INVARIANT) $(BOOTFILES)
$(RM_RF) boot/syml
- $(PERL) viv --boot --noperl6lib --compile-setting CORE.setting
+ $(PERL) ./viv --boot --noperl6lib --compile-setting CORE.setting
STD.pmc: $(STD_SOURCE) boot/syml/CORE.syml $(INVARIANT)
- $(PERL) viv --boot --noperl6lib -5 -o STD.pm5 STD.pm6
+ $(PERL) ./viv --boot --noperl6lib -5 -o STD.pm5 STD.pm6
$(PERL) tools/compact_pmc < STD.pm5 > STD.pmc
STD_P5.pmc: STD_P5.pm6 boot/syml/CORE.syml $(INVARIANT)
- $(PERL) viv --boot --noperl6lib -5 -o STD_P5.pm5 STD_P5.pm6
+ $(PERL) ./viv --boot --noperl6lib -5 -o STD_P5.pm5 STD_P5.pm6
$(PERL) tools/compact_pmc < STD_P5.pm5 > STD_P5.pmc
Cursor.pmc: $(CURSOR_SOURCE) boot/syml/CORE.syml $(INVARIANT)
- $(PERL) viv --boot --noperl6lib -5 -o Cursor.pm5 Cursor.pm6
+ $(PERL) ./viv --boot --noperl6lib -5 -o Cursor.pm5 Cursor.pm6
$(PERL) tools/compact_pmc < Cursor.pm5 > Cursor.pmc
syml/CORE.syml: STD.pmc Cursor.pmc $(INVARIANT)
$(RM_RF) syml
- $(PERL) viv --noperl6lib --compile-setting CORE.setting
+ $(PERL) ./viv --noperl6lib --compile-setting CORE.setting
$(CP) boot/syml/CursorBase.syml boot/syml/Cursor.syml boot/syml/DEBUG.syml boot/syml/NAME.syml boot/syml/Stash.syml boot/syml/STD.syml syml
# reboot after incompatibly changing syml format

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